Asks the public to Vote “NO RECALL”

Lee’s Summit, MO – The Lee’s Summit Police Officers Association (LSPOA) and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) today announce their continued support of District 4 Councilman, Chris Moreno. We ask the public to Vote “NO RECALL” in the upcoming April 4th city election.

The LSPOA and the FOP, at one time or another has endorsed almost every sitting member of the Lee’s Summit city council. We consider every one of them friends. However, what is occurring with this recall is beyond acceptable to our members, who believe in accountability.

Councilman Moreno was lawfully elected in a landslide victory during a three-way race for the District 4 council seat, in April of 2016. Since then he has been an ardent supporter of public safety in Lee’s Summit. He has worked to ensure your city professionals have the necessary equipment and infrastructure to improve our service to the public. He has also offered a positive voice, for providing the resources necessary to attract and retain the highest quality workforce for our community.

This movement has made multiple attempts at complaints against Councilman Moreno, since shortly after the election, with both the Missouri Attorney General’s Office and the Missouri Ethics Commission. All have been soundly rejected by those offices, yet the same assertions continue. Accusations require little in the way of proof.

We watched this movement start with volatile posts on social media and then moved to disrupting council meetings with shouts and jeers. As law enforcement professionals, we unequivocally believe that shouting down other people’s opinions and disrupting governmental process, is not a reasonable form of expression. We believe that ugly speech and hateful personal attacks are not the type of political landscape we need or want in Lee’s Summit.

The only crimes Councilman Moreno appears to be guilty of, is asking questions and having a failing business. He may even be guilty of being a young public servant, trying too hard to find his place on the council. Just because someone is new on the council or does things differently, does not mean they don’t have something to contribute. Diversity in our community should be valued.

There are many levels to this puzzle, but we ask that District 4 residents honor our elected officials and stop special interest recalls of any duly elected councilmember simply because of dislike. This type of action is simply an attempt to intimidate our councilmembers by telling them, if they don’t agree with another person’s opinion, someone will attempt to remove them from office. This is the third-time a recall has been attempted in Lee’s Summit and will likely be the third failure, because this issue relies on personal grievance as opposed to bona fide wrong doing.

Our members stand resolute and the citizens should too. We ask that the citizens of District 4 ignore hateful rhetoric and cast their vote, “NO Recall” on April 4th, 2017.

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March 2nd, 2016 

Lee’s Summit, MO – The Lee’s Summit Police Officers Association today announced their support of the following candidates for the upcoming Lee’s Summit City Council elections:

  • 1st District – Rob Binney
    • “Rob’s commitment to developing a strong economy while providing the tools necessary for effective public safety for the citizens of Lee’s Summit make him our choice.  His leadership on the Lee’s Summit City Council during the last four years has helped to develop a greater community for the citizens as well as those who serve them,” said Matt Miller, President of the Lee’s Summit Police Officers Association.
  • 2nd District – Craig Faith
    • “Craig has time and again proven himself a friend to the community.  As an unopposed candidate we are excited to help him fulfill his mission of improving critical services to the citizens of Lee’s Summit,” said Matt Miller, President of the Lee’s Summit Police Officers Association.
  • 3rd District – Phyllis Edson
    • “Phyllis has exceptional education and experience in government affairs and policy research that make her the obvious choice as a leader in the community and on the city council. She has shown an overwhelming devotion to Lee’s Summit through her volunteer participation in the Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation, Citizens Leadership Academy, Rotary, and the LS 360 Committee.  Her qualifications and commitment to our citizens make her an unparalleled candidate to continue Lee’s Summit on a path of greatness,” said Matt Miller, President of the Lee’s Summit Police Officers Association.
  • 4th District – Chris Moreno
    • “Chris has a successful history of government service and a focus on public safety that makes him stand out in this election.  Likewise, his experience as a small business owner and his enthusiasm to improve services, while protecting the citizens from unnecessary waste make him an excellent candidate to serve the community,” said Matt Miller, President of the Lee’s Summit Police Officers Association.


“These candidates have shown a continued pattern of quality work for our community and a focus on our citizens needs.  We look forward to working with them through the election and on the council as we all realize the goal of a strong and flourishing Lee’s Summit,” Miller said of the LSPOA’s support for the candidates.



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